BOA: Clone a Drupal 7 Site Manually

It occurs normally many times that we want to clone a site on Barracuda-Octopus-Aegir (BOA) hosting. But sometimes Aegir UI may fail to perform this task for some reasons. It may be due to some failure on platform itself that prevents us cloning the site using Aegir UI. In this article I am sharing the steps I followed that allowed me to successfully clone a site on BOA by Omega8 in a similar situation.

Nginx: Single Server to Serve Both HTTP and HTTPS

In Nginx it is possible to handle both normal HTTP and secure HTTPS connections with single server configuration. It is easier to manage single server configuration than having different server configuration for both HTTP and HTTPS connections. You can configure the server like given below.

MySQL - Autorepair Corrupted Database Using mysqlcheck command

One or more tables within a MySQL database may get corrupted for certain reason. Then your application will fail to work when it try to access these corrupted tables. In this article you will see simple commands that can be used to automatically repair that corrupted tables.

Tar - Include Only Selected Sub-directories

Consider the situation where we want to create a compressed archive file for a directory using tar command. But we need to include only one or few subdirectories within a directory which already contains large number of other sub directories. Of course we can use --exclude option of tar, but we will end up having large number of --exclude options added in the command.

Disable Comments on Single Wordpress Page

On Wordpress sites we can have both posts and pages. Posts are primarily for blog posts that expect readers opinions and discussions, so commenting is essential there. On the other hand, pages are primarily for content that will be independent of time and not tagged or categorized. "About" page is a good example for a "page". Most site admins do not expect comments or discussions on pages. Wordpress comes with commenting possible on pages by default. So, you would need to disable commenting on pages while creating or editing them.

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