Disable Comments on Single Wordpress Page

On Wordpress sites we can have both posts and pages. Posts are primarily for blog posts that expect readers opinions and discussions, so commenting is essential there. On the other hand, pages are primarily for content that will be independent of time and not tagged or categorized. "About" page is a good example for a "page". Most site admins do not expect comments or discussions on pages. Wordpress comes with commenting possible on pages by default. So, you would need to disable commenting on pages while creating or editing them.

We can disable commenting on single page in Wordpress by following steps given below:

  1. Pull down "Screen Options" at top of create or edit page.
  2. Check "Discussion" checkbox, if not checked already.
  3. A "Discussion" section might be appeared already at bottom of the page. Uncheck "Allow comments." option and save the page.

You are done! Now on, users cannot comment on that specific page. It will keep existing comments there.