Get Entity Page URI from Entity and Entity Type in Drupal 7

Recently I encountered a situation with a contributed module which need a bug fix. Fixing that required to identify URI of an entity with entity type given. As we all know, most of the entities will have a 'view' page. For nodes, it will be node/<nid> (where nid is the id of that node). But it will not be of same pattern for other entity types. For example, URIs of Commerce Orders are of the form admin/commerce/orders/<order-id>.

Disable Rules Programmatically in Drupal 7

Rules are a powerful module, which can be used to construct very complex workflows within a Drupal site. Several of contributed modules comes with pre-built rules as part their functionality. Sometimes we may need to disable rules brought by some contributed modules that we used in our site. Disabling a rule through configuration is very easy, just go to rules configuration page, then clicking on 'disable' link work.

Developers Installation of Drush

Drush is powerful command line interface to Drupal. It comes with a set of pre-built commands to manage Drupal installations from command line shell. Especially, you will find it very useful while performing tasks that do frequently like clearing cache, running cron, setting and getting of system variables etc. It is a must have tool for Drupal developers. Drush is also highly extensible. You can develop commands specific to your project or system wide.

Login Automatically in phpMyAdmin When Accessed from Same Computer

phpMyAdmin is one of the widely used tool while developing database centric application using MySQL. Developers frequently access it while developments are going on, to check the values or manipulate data within database tables. By default, we have to login before accessing the databases. It becomes tedious when we perform login frequently.

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